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Superfast and secure Windows hosting for your project based on ASP.NET and MSSQL. Get the best windows hosting service with cutting-edge technologies powered by the Plesk control panel.

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TK 150 /month

Perfect for small websites

  • plan-check 1 GB SSD Storage
  • plan-check 100 GB Bandwidth
  • plan-check Single Website
  • plan-check 1 MSSQL
  • plan-check 0.5 Core CPU
  • plan-check 0.5 GB RAM
  • plan-check Plesk Control Panel
TK 450 /month

Perfect for medium sites

  • plan-check 5 GB SSD Storage
  • plan-check 250 GB Bandwidth
  • plan-check 2 Website
  • plan-check 4 MSSQL
  • plan-check 1 Core CPU
  • plan-check 1 GB RAM
  • plan-check Plesk Control Panel
TK 580 /month

For ecommerce websites

  • plan-check 10 GB SSD Storage
  • plan-check 500 GB Bandwidth
  • plan-check 5 Website
  • plan-check 5 MSSQL
  • plan-check 1.5 Core CPU
  • plan-check 2 GB RAM
  • plan-check Plesk Control Panel
TK 990 /month

For high traffic sites.

  • plan-check 20 GB SSD Storage
  • plan-check 1 TB Bandwidth
  • plan-check 10 Website
  • plan-check 10 MSSQL
  • plan-check 2 Core CPU
  • plan-check 2.5 GB RAM
  • plan-check Plesk Control Panel
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CloudLinux OS Lightweight Virtualized Environment isolates tenants into individual environments with allocated resources (CPU, IO, memory, processes) tailored to each account.

CloudLinux LVE Limits Win go Win starter Win medium Win advanced
CPU Cores
The maximum number of CPU cores assigned to each account.
0.5 Core 1 Core 1.5 Core 2 Core
Physical Memory
(RAM) refers to the real memory assigned to your account.
0.5 GB 1 GB 2 GB 2.5 GB
Disk I/O
I/O stands for Input/Output, which indicates the amount of disk read/write throughput (disk activity) utilized by your account. Any task that involves accessing the server's disk drive, like reading or writing data, will consume I/O resources.
10 Mb/s 20 Mb/s 20 Mb/s 50 Mb/s
Concurrent Connections
The maximum number of concurrent connections to Apache (Litespeed) and dynamic scripts like SSH or cron jobs running simultaneously depends on the server's configuration and capacity. It's determined by the server's resources and can be adjusted for optimal performance.
20 EP 20 EP 20 EP 20 EP
Max. Number Of Processes
Each account has a maximum limit on the total number of active processes allowed, including services like Apache (Litespeed), PHP processes, SMTP/IMAP/Sendmail, and Cronjobs. This limit is set to maintain server stability and prevent resource overutilization. Exceeding the limit may lead to performance issues or service restrictions.
100 NP 100 NP 100 NP 100 NP
BDIX Windows Hosting

Windows Hosting Features

The extraordinary features that make your work more efficient.

latest plesk control panel

NVMe SSD storage

Free SSL Certificates

Complimentary Remote Backup

Windows Server OS

10 Gbps BDIX and multiple IX route

Powerful Server

Anytime Upgrade

30 Days Money Back

Maximum Security

99.9% Uptime

24X7 Support


All Plans Included

Why should you choose Limda Host's BDIX Windows Hosting?



Windows Server 2017 and Windows Server 2019 operating systems allow you to create, deliver, and manage rich user experiences and applications, offer a highly secure network infrastructure, and boost technological productivity.



Mix and use all the different scripting engines – ASP, ASP.Net, PHP with one or more MySQL and/or MS SQL Server and/or Access databases. Changes are done instantly when you select an ASP.Net or PHP version from your control panel.



The dedicated IIS 10 pool provides a security-enhanced, easy-to-manage platform for developing and reliably hosting web applications. Additionally, IIS 10 is a huge upgrade to the Windows web platform in bringing all of Microsoft's Web platform technologies together.



A developer will be able to work more effectively with Windows hosting because it supports ASP.NET with all framework versions, PHP5,7, and 8, CGI/Fast, multi-PHP version support, Plesk Jobs Schedule, and many other features.



Our BDIX Windows hosting comes with MS SQL and MariaDB database support along with other database functionalities to make your work much more efficient. Also, you will get a database management in the Plesk control panel.



Plesk Panel Power Pack enables users to deploy and manage databases from within the user interface in only a few clicks. Including Microsoft ASP.NET Core, Microsoft ASP.NET Core Runtime 5.0, Microsoft ASP.NET Core Runtime 3.1, Microsoft ASP.NET Core Runtime 2.1.


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