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Exceptionally fast and secure web hosting that is eco-friendly with more memory, CPU, and I/O connections than ever before. With our turbo hosting your website will be hosted on our Turbo Speedy servers located in United States which will make amazed your visitors.

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TK 1,140 /month

Perfect for small websites

Renews at TK 1,425 /mo

  • plan-check 50 GB SSD Storage
  • plan-check Unlimited Bandwidth
  • plan-check Unlimited Website
  • plan-check 4 Core CPU
  • plan-check 4 GB Physical Memory
  • plan-check 100 Entry Process
  • plan-check 130 Process

Select server location:

TK 1,792 /month

Perfect for medium sites

Renews at TK 2,240 /mo

  • plan-check 80 GB SSD Storage
  • plan-check Unlimited Bandwidth
  • plan-check Unlimited Website
  • plan-check 6 Core CPU
  • plan-check 6 GB Physical Memory
  • plan-check 150 Entry Process
  • plan-check 180 Process

Select server location:

TK 2,160 /month

For ecommerce websites

Renews at TK 2,700 /mo

  • plan-check 120 GB SSD Storage
  • plan-check Unlimited Bandwidth
  • plan-check Unlimited Website
  • plan-check 8 Core CPU
  • plan-check 8 GB Physical Memory
  • plan-check 200 Entry Process
  • plan-check 230 Process

Select server location:

TK 2,760 /month

For high traffic sites.

Renews at TK 3,450 /mo

  • plan-check 150 GB SSD Storage
  • plan-check Unlimited Bandwidth
  • plan-check Unlimited Website
  • plan-check 8 Core CPU
  • plan-check 8 GB Physical Memory
  • plan-check 250 Entry Process
  • plan-check 350 Process

Select server location:

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Hosting plans comparison

CloudLinux OS Lightweight Virtualized Environment isolates tenants into individual environments with allocated resources (CPU, IO, memory, processes) tailored to each account.

CloudLinux LVE Limits Turbo go Turbo strong Turbo powerful Turbo mighty
CPU Cores
The maximum number of CPU cores assigned to each account.
4 Core 6 Core 8 Core 8 Core
Physical Memory
(RAM) refers to the real memory assigned to your account.
4 GB 6 GB 8 GB 8 GB
Disk I/O
I/O stands for Input/Output, which indicates the amount of disk read/write throughput (disk activity) utilized by your account. Any task that involves accessing the server's disk drive, like reading or writing data, will consume I/O resources.
50 Mb/s 70 Mb/s 100 Mb/s 150 Mb/s
Concurrent Connections
The maximum number of concurrent connections to Apache (Litespeed) and dynamic scripts like SSH or cron jobs running simultaneously depends on the server's configuration and capacity. It's determined by the server's resources and can be adjusted for optimal performance.
100 EP 150 EP 200 EP 250 EP
Max. Number Of Processes
Each account has a maximum limit on the total number of active processes allowed, including services like Apache (Litespeed), PHP processes, SMTP/IMAP/Sendmail, and Cronjobs. This limit is set to maintain server stability and prevent resource overutilization. Exceeding the limit may lead to performance issues or service restrictions.
130 NP 180 NP 230 NP 350 NP
Turbo Hosting features

Common features

The extraordinary features that make your work more efficient.








99.9% Uptime


Free SSL


Free Migration


WP Installer


Free Webmail




MySQL Database


Powerful Server


24/7 Support

Litespeed Web Server with LS-Cache

LiteSpeed Web Server is a high-performance HTTP server that supports PHP and uses the LiteSpeed Cache (LS Cache) to store and serve cached content. It is an enterprise-grade solution that we are using to boost your website performance. LS Cache is an all-in-one site acceleration solution.

Your site can employ the best practices that make for a high PageSpeed score, and - more importantly - an exceptional user experience.

LiteSpeed Web Server & LSCache

Most advanced HTTP web server and caching system


Hosting with Quic-HTTP/3

Stable & Secure Cloud Tech

Cloud servers powered by our own network infrastructure

WordPress Optimized with LSCache

You need the best WordPress hosting solution for your WordPress website. That's why you should choose the WordPress Optimized Server to enhance your website's performance, accelerate development, protect your business and ensure 99.99% uptime.

While WordPress handles automatic updates, daily backups, managed upgrades, and more, you can concentrate on running your business.

Control panel is easy to use

Are you having trouble navigating the command line on a Linux server? If this is the case, cPanel, Webuzo and Directadmin offer website owners a Linux-based control panel that eliminates any confusion you may have had when trying to maintain your website without it. cPanel, Webuzo and DirectAdmin provide tools that allow administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners to successfully manage and control their websites using a simple web browser.

Limda Host is currently providing cPanel, Webuzo & DirectAdmin control panels with Linux-based shared web hosting plans.

Free Migrations & SSL Certificates

Are you switching from your current provider to Limda? We can handle the entire migration for you. We won't charge you for any of your websites, whether you have one or 100, and we won't even blink at the number. It will be our pleasure to transfer your websites to your new turbo hosting account.

Each website hosted on Limda includes a free (Let's Encrypt SSL) certificate by default.


More features

Limda has much more features to explore!


30 Day Money Guarantee


Softaculous Script Installer


3.8 Ghz Powerful CPU


Free Data Backup


99.9% Uptime Guarantee


Malware & Exploit Scanning


Curl / GD2 / ImageMagick


Free cPanel Migration


CloudFlare CDN


Spam Protection


PHP Selector (5.4 - 7.x)


24/7 Technical Support


SSH Access Available


Python Version Selector


Clustered Failover DNS


Ruby On Rails


Node.js Version Selector


CloudLinux / CageFS


ionCube PHP Loader


Awstats & Webalizer


Mariadb 10.x / phpMyAdmin


Zend Guard Loader

Exciting features

All Plans Included

What makes Limda Host the #1 web hosting company in Bangladesh?

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Flexible control

We provide you the flexibility and cPanel control panel to design the website you desire, with full SSD storage and other features.

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Unmetered Bandwidth

There are no restrictions of traffic your sites can receive as long as they don't violate our regulations or consume too much CPU.

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Improve Site Speed

By switching to our web hosting, you may get a 50% increase in site speed and generate more money with a speedier site.

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Premium Tools

Get the tools you need to develop better websites, including site migrations, Lets Encrypt SSL, Imunify Protection, and more.

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Dedicated Power

Our server resources are controlled by Cloudlinux. Every plan includes storage, a CPU, and RAM to get the job done.

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Maximum Security

We protect your audience and brand with enterprise-grade security, Solid Security, and Firewall technology.

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Always Client First

The user-friendly client area management features enable you to put your clients first by allowing you to make safe payments.

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Improved Performance

Get the performance for your business with built-in capacity tailored for sites and redundant and highly scalable solutions.


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